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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Carrfield Mill

 This week we received the following from Lee and Judy Brown....

"Enclosed are a couple of photographs I took of Carrfield Mill, when they were still working a night shift. One from Park Road and one from Newton Street. I took them when I went out to photograph the opening of the M67 circa 1978."



Carrfield Mill was founded by the Ashton Brothers, Samuel, Thomas, James and John, of Greencroft and Newton Moor Mills. Erected 1817, Carrfield Mill was intended as a combined spinning and weaving mill from the start and 200 powerlooms weavers were being employed there in 1819.
Carrfield Mill lies in a hollow and not surprisingly it was locally known as "The Hollow Factory".
The partnership known as Samuel Ashton & Brothers was dissolved in 1821 when Samuel left and the remaining three brothers traded as T.J. & J. Ashton. . In September 1823 this partnership too was dissolved, John and James forming another partnership with Robert Ashton, a younger brother, at Newton Moor Mill  and Greencroft Mill. This left Thomas Ashton in sole control of the Carrfield Mill site.

Many thanks for the photos, Lee and Judy & to Ian Haynes for the information about Carrfield Mill from his book, Hyde Cotton Mills . For anyone interested there are sometimes copies of Ians book for sale  at Harrisons Newsagents in Hyde.  :)


Tom said...

What great pictures these are...
The view of the mill from Clarendon Road/ Park Road area was at times magical... the setting sun would light up the factory windows and make the whole building glow. It will remain one of my favourite views in Hyde, and live with me forever.

Susan Jaleel said...

Thank you for these truly wonderful pictures. This is how I remember Ashton Brothers at Carrfield - everything snuggly fitting into that hollow of Newton Street. There's something magical about night scenes from the past - the recent shot of Hyde Mill springs to mind. Tom, the best view of all was from the Low where you could see all the mills at a glance. At least no-one can take Werneth Low away from us!