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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Zion Whit Walks

 The following email and photos were recently sent to us by Susan Jaleel.
They show the Zion Congregational Church Whit Walks.
The photos were taken on 2nd June 1968.

"The attached photos were loaned to me earlier this year and I've just got round to scanning them!  They belong to my lifelong friend, Margaret Gilson, who appears on two of them as the [then] young lady in the pink dress.
Pictures 1 & 3 are taken at the corner of Croft Street and Market Street, and clearly show Bradley's the outfitters.
Pictures 2 & 4 are taken further up Market Street near the Union Street junction and we can see two posh kids' clothes shops Bo-Peep and Bentley's.  In Picture 4 we can just about see Timothy White and Taylor's, Chemists, which was next door to Bentley's.
Pictures 2,3 & 4 are of Zion Chapel members.  On Picture 2 the two ladies walking just in front of the men are Mrs Marion Yates and Mrs Jessie Mateer [Barlow as was], both aunts of Margaret Gilson."


 Bo Peep was next door to the Cheshire Cheese pub on Market Street



Thank you so much, Susan.  :)


Werneth Low said...

The Bo-Peep shop used to be Dawson's, sports outfitters and suppliers of uniform and equipment for scouts, guides, brownies etc.

Beryl Williams said...

The Guider in the first picture is Yvonne Rowbottom (nee Bann) She taught at St George's Primary school. I was in her class about 1951/52. I will get David to post a photo of her there. I don't know which Guides she belonged to though.

Marion Yates mentioned in the second photo in the brown and mustard dress worked at Ashton Brothers, Providence mill. She taught all the new girls who wanted to be machinists. I worked there from leaving school at Easter 1959 until August 1971. Marion was a lovely gentle lady.

Hydonian said...

My brother is on the bottom photo. He is one of the three boys laughing and messing about.

Werneth Low said...

I've just noticed the handbags! All the girls seem to be carrying them.

Lizzy said...

I'm glad the guider was named as I couldn't remember who it was.

I had a lovely evening with the guides at Holy Trinity when I was last home, and mainly due to meeting up with Margaret Gildon, who I probably haven't seen for about 20 years. She never looks any older.