Picture Of Hyde Grammar School Building
by Brian Thornley
May 2015
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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Bay Horse, Corner Of Talbot Rd, Matley Lane


Not changed very much on the outside at all... it as been quite a while since I had a pint in here, I must put that right soon. I noticed they have good deals on their food as well... all in all this as always been a good pub with a good reputation and their bonfires nights are excellent.


Hydonian said...

Great comparisons Tom!
I used to like it in here but not been for years!
Is it still a Man Utd supporters club meeting place?

Tom said...

I think it might be.... I'm sure our Sam went there to watch last years Derby game... he's a blue by the way so he must be brave then ha!..

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

those bollards look a bit bashed up!

Tom said...

I think there get bashed quite a lot Gerald... mostly by the cars coming down from Matley to fast and by the odd wagon to and from Newton Business Park..

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

I cannot believe I lived within walking distance to this pub for a few years and never went inside. What was I thinking:( Looks like a lovely pub. Man Utd has always been my favourite team so I would be right at home:)

Anonymous said...

Just been doing my family history and discovered that my great-great-grandfather, a man called Oswald Daniels, was the publican at the Bay Horse Hotel, Victoria Street in 1911. All those years I have driven past it and never known...