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Friday, 13 August 2010

Lewis Street (Disappeared Streets 4)

Lewis Street was a street running from Mottram Road ,opposite John Shepley Street, down to Hoviley.
It still stands in the form of being the entrance road to Morrisons Supermarket although it isn't named anymore. It also used to be home to the Tram station .

Places in Hyde

The bottom of Lewis street shown from Hoviley

The entrance to Morrisons.
Note the Electricity substation from the Tram Station can still be seen (middle left).

I have added these here to Nancy's posting as these chaps are stood on the corner of Mottram Road and Lewis Street. Hopefully someone will be able to name the shop.
These pictures have been donated to the blog by Ian Swindells.. now Ian did point out one of his relations... but me being so forgetful can not remember which one... but I'm sure Ian will forgive me and put us right... This group could be Hyde's answer to Eliot Ness and the Untouchables.. the chap second from the right seems to be going for his gun :O)
I'd love to see more pictures like this... it makes it more interesting when pictures have a street name on view, or another point of interests.


Tom said...

Great post again Nancy... and very timely.. over the last few days we have had a number of comment left from a chap called Barry, and only this morning I noticed he'd left another.. part of that comment was this "I was born Spring Street Hyde off Mottram Rd down Lewis Street where the tram shed used to be,I remember the rail tracks going into the sheds but never saw any trams, Harry Wood's wholesale greengrocers used the buildings" I do hope he calls back and see's this.
Another person will be John Roberts... his Grandparents live on Lewis Street, and is Granddad was a driver for the tram company.

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

I love the little boy in the second photo standing near the shop doorway, nearly missed him. Oh what stories those chaps could tell us:) I love seeing old photos like this.

Tom said...

Well spotted...
I think Ian must be away still...when he's back he can then point out his relation and might have a story or two..

ian... said...

Hiya Tom,

No back now mate, just been busy with work & wotnot that's all & hope you are well.

Pretty sure that my Great Grandad is in both pics: far right of the top & far left of the other. I'm going to find out later - she may know more about what the point of the photos was...Mafia, Buff Lodge or otherwise LOL

ian... said...

Nancy, is the painted building a pub?

I vaguely remember seeing one in the book we talked about Tom, the one about old pubs around Hyde, but it may have been at the foot of Cheapside instead (grey matter in a mush today!)

Hydonian said...

It certainly looks like a pub.I'll investigate :)

ian... said...

Cheers Nancy.

Tom - I had a chat with 'me Mam'. She confirmed that the guy I thought was her Grandad, is. And also, the little nipper stood next to him is the image of her Brother Jimmy, when he was in short pants - so it's likely it's her Dad.

I think you have cropped the 2nd pic, because in the original you can see that the nipper has a toy pistol!

My Grandad was born in 1921, so that would put the photo sometime in the mid' 1920s.

Tom said...

Cheers Ian... just check the original he dose indeed have a pistol.. this is one I've cleaned up .. still it's great your 'Mam' as puts us right... just what mum's are for... ;o)

Dave Williams said...

I have a book called 'A History of the Pubs of Hyde and District' and I assumed from comments you previously made that you had access to this book. A map on the back cover shows that the 'Sportsman' was on the corner of Cheapside (as indeed it still is, and the exit from Morrisons is the old Cheapside) and the 'Star Inn' was on the other corner of Cheapside. The map doesn't show any pub on the corner of either Lewis Street or Bowker Street. That part of Bowker Street is, of course, still there. If you haven't got access to a copy of the book you're quite welcome to see mine.

Tom said...

Hi David
I did have a copy of this book many years ago be I lent it out... and can not for the life of me remember who to, I would very much like to scan it if that is OK... It really would be of use to future posting..

Tom said...

Chris Han said...
Hi Tom,
The photo labelled 'Hovily Brow' immediately caught my eye.
For years I used to live on Brook Street off Mottram Rd, and I instantly recognised this photo has showing the bottom half of Cheapside which you can see running up the hill, and which ran parallel with Brook St.
It's taken a little further down from Hovily Brow, and if we could just turn the frame about 30 degrees to the right we would be looking directly up Lewis St.

In fact if you look at the photo of Lewis St in the 'Hovily' category, you can see the roof of the grand white building in the background.

If this picture was taken today, right behind those people standing centre frame would be the entrance to the Morrison's subway which runs under the motorway.

And just to add the only bit of Cheapside which remains is the exit road from Morrison's which comes out past the Sportsman pub.

Cheers Chris... I have moved this comment here, it will be better read with the above pictures ..

Anonymous said...

These photos were taken on Mottram Rd at the top of Lewis St. On the corner behind them was a Butchers shop ( Smith,s in the 1940,s ) .The shop on the left wasn't trading at that time ,but was occupied by a family named Ensor.It became a delicatessen in the mid 50,s.