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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Mount Street

The Factory on Mount Street was called Higginbothams Hat Factory and it operated there for many years. After the hat trade went into decline the building was occupied by "The Hyde Chamois Leather Company".


Looking down Thomas Street towards Mount Street.

In the war, the part to the left of the gates was used as a makeshift morgue after bombs fell in Hyde . After the war it was used as storage for J.Adamsons. It is now home to "Frames" snooker club.

mount st

View of where Mount Street meets Ridling Lane. The building have long changed or even gone! See "Fine Fare" Supermarket (now Morrisons) in the background.




Tom said...

I've added the two maps Nancy.. a bit before and afters.. ;o) What a shame the picture which shows Fine Fair did not have the Odd Fellows Arms on.. I've yet to find a picture of it.

Hydonian said...

I'm still looking too! Hey Tom, the Gardeners Arms on Lumn Road has reopened !

Tom said...

Excellent news...... will have to get a picture of it with the doors open, and do an up date.. all in all it's very good news.. ;o) I heard the other dat the Globe might be made into a mini market.. or flats.

Hydonian said...

...and I believe the Queen Adelaide has lived to see another day...that was in danger of becoming flats ,also! :)

Ex Hydeonian said...

Is that Masseys funeral directors on the right of the pic? I seem to recall they had an ivy covered house which is now flats. (What is it with flats???). Then there was, I think, Doctor Ellis' next door, where my Gran used to take me as a kid...then near that the old National Reserve club, which is where I used to hang out as a youth, as my friends Mum used to be the landlady there.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

The bottom map there shows the street between the junction of Nelson St & Travis St and Ridling Lane labelled Travis St - but at the junction with Ridling Lane the street sign on the wall says Nelson St. I'm posting a photo of the junction on Hyde DP tomorrow.

Chris Han said...

The building to the right in the middle picture is Furnelly's Funeral Director's. Massy's was the one further down Mottram Rd, near Pat's Plaice chippy.

Tom said...

Thanks for this Chris..
Soon as I saw the name... I remembered it.. cheers

Chris Han said...

Hi Tom,

I've have to correct myself, the funeral directors in the picture is not 'Furnelly's', but Bradley's Funeral Directors. Furnelly or correctly 'Fernally' is the Street it's on.

Also, the photo shows where Union Street meets Ridling Lane, Mount Street is the next one up where Frames Snooker Hall is.

Paul Cooper said...

Visiting this website has reminded me of some very early memories of Hyde during the late 1940s and the 1950/60s before wholesale changes occurred. For a start, the picture of Mount Street where it meets Ridling Lane clearly shows Dr. Ellis's surgery and house on the corner of Mottram Road and on the corner of Ridling Lane and Mottram Road was Kindlisides shop. I remember taking ration coupons there to obtain a meagre supply of sweets and my teacher at Hollingworth primary school was related. I still have a class picture with Mr. Kindlisides standing to attention next to the class. On the opposite side of Mottram Road was a grocery where there was always a smell of freshly ground coffee and the mouthwatering sight of stacked biscuit boxes from which you could buy any type or mix of loose biscuits. Further along Mottram Road was Yates bike shop and that tyre place that usually had a mobile Michelin man in the window. Does anyone remember the bomb site on Fernally Street? I once had the greatest fright whilst tramping over the rubble on my way home from St Paul's school at Newton, when I turned over a dock leaf, hoping to find caterpillers and discovered what I later learnt was a fully grown stag beetle, possibly blown in by a recent wind. I ran all the way home for fear of this discovery. I have lots more recollections including the time I found a live German incendiary bomb in an empty house and aged 6 or seven, recognised it for what it was and dilligently carried it to the police station at the town hall for disposal, much to the dismay of the constabulary who relieved me of it then escorted me back home to 38 Ridling Lane. Next door to us was Alan Parkes shop and on the other side, Smiths butchers. Further down was Winches butchers who had hen pens alongside. My grandmother had a shop on Queen Street and there was a short cut across waste ground in Travis street to get there. So many recollections about familiar places and faces that are no longer there. Is any of this interesting to anyone?

Tom said...

Hi Paul
Fantastic memories... and yes they are very much of interest to us... you can send in anything such as this by email...to hydonian@gmail.com What you have wrote above would make a great posting if that would be OK! I will add a picture or two.. thank you for your time Paul and I am happy you have been stirred to comment and get in touch.

Jean Harrison said...

Hi paul I remember Kindleysides I used to for my Grandmas buttermints, the grocers on the opposite corner was Roland Lodges,I can still smell that coffee now... going to the next corner was Levers green grocers then Mills bread shop... the best raspberry buns and mrs mills always had a penny loaf for you,lower down was Renshaws chippy they were good but not as good as Aaron Bardsleys ...which was round the corner top of Hovily Brow. We also lived on Ridling Lane.

Tom said...

Hello Jean... what a great comment, so full of memories... thank you for sharing them all.