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Thursday, 26 August 2010

A View Of Gee Cross


This is a view from Gower Hey House, looking over towards Gee Cross taken in 1914. In the year 1795 a book called “Forty Miles Round Manchester” the author “Aikins” said that Gee Cross was like a 'little town'. In 1800’s Gee Cross was known for it’s country fairs, folk came from miles around, these fairs could be very rough at times with many fights breaking out. Gee Cross was home to quite a few rouges and vagabonds, and it’s reputation was very bad…. And now??? Well nowts changed really ;o) ha!

balmoral ave

Gower Hey House stood just behind where the gardens of the houses on Balmoral Avenue stands today. This is it in present day. Now it is two semi detached houses.


This is a stunning view of Hyde Chapel

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Denys said...

Where did you find this map? I lived on Marlborough Rd in the 40s and 50s, and would love to get a bigger piece of it. Was it from the internet, or is it one you scanned? Do you have a url?