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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Cooper Street (Disappeared Streets 5)

Cooper Street stood just off Manchester Road. It disappeared around the time that Automasters built their new premises circa 1960's .
Some information we've found states that Auto Masters front entrance was "Hewitt Street" but there's no mention of "Hewitt Street" on the old maps we have. Can anyone shed any light on this mystery for us?

Auto Masters

cooper street
This map shows it's locaction in 1910

cooper st
This map from 2008 shows it as the entrance to Auto Masters .

Auto Masters has since been demolished to make way for a new Housing estate built by Morris Homes. Maybe we'll see the name Cooper Street make a comback as one of the new streets on here, although I doubt it as it wouldn't really fit in with names like "Moorside Place". Shame !


Tom said...

I did not know about this one Nancy... I wonder if there was a Cooperage in that area at some time... I recall an old stone building by the side of the bridge.. it seemed as if it had been left standing as part of the wall which Auto Master was behind... these must have been excessed from Cooper Street... there is no referance to the Street that I could find in the Annals Of Hyde book.. It would be great if we could gleam some information of the buildings that were once there.

Hydonian said...

Yes, I saw that Tom. I wonder when it was renamed as Cooper Street is on the maps until 1910 then seems to disappear? There isnt any room for another street inbetween Cooper and Ann Streets - just maybe the maps (although its named as Cooper Street on 3 maps I have) were wrong.....?

Tom said...

Sorry Nancy I removed my comment concerning Hewitt Street.... seems we have both been checking the maps.. ha!.. They all show it as Cooper Street as you sat.
I found this interesting on the Cheshire Tilthe maps 1836-51, which show this as open pasture land.. Owned by Edward Hyde Clark, it was called
Lower Eals and was pasture land and the size of the plot was 2 acres and 18 perches... not I've just got to find out how big a "Perch" is.. ha!

Tom said...

Sq Pole = 30 1/4 sq yards [often simply referred to as a Pole or Perch in land measurement] Thenk god for Google ;o)

Hydonian said...

I cant see there being two streets there so Cooper St MUST have been renamed at some point!
Maybe the heading should be Cooper Street/Hewitt Street?

Tom said...

Lets wait to see what turns up, I'm sure there must be another post in this... I'll check the addresses or the dead from Hyde Pit and see if that throws something up...

Tom said...

I've just come across this info Nancy..
Cooper & Co. (Manchester) Limited, Cotton Waste Cleaners, Cooper Street, Hyde.
It seems likely this was there... by the side of the canal and road... would have an ideal place for the transporting the cotten waste.. I also came across an interesting fact about the train bridge... when it was being planned, the train company wanter to make a low bridge... but the town elders... insisted the bridge was high enough to get a wagon load of cotton bales under with room to spare..