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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Market St / Edna Street Corner

edna st 1950's

This shows the Market St and Edna St junction circa 1950's. The Cheshire Cheese pub is evident ,middle right, by the large sign on the roof. There was also a toy shop called Lee's , a laundrette and a bakers ,amongst other shops. Note the distinct lack of traffic. Maybe it was a sunday or a tuesday afternoon ,which was half day closing in Hyde. Lees toy shop was a veritable delight to me as a young child.Two windows of wonderment! :D

edna st

This shows the Market St and Edna St junction in 2010. Note that the laundrette is still there, one of just a few remaining laundrys in the area. The toy shop has long gone, to be replaced by a specialised sportswear shop, formerly Ron Hills shop, "Running Wild". The Cheshire Cheese pub has also closed with a Takeaway /Cafe called "The Cheshire Grill" now in its place.


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Quite amazing how the laundromat of all things has survived the changes.

Tom said...

Love the first picture Nancy... these was a cafe/milkbar on this row in the 70s.. called the Jester... small cafe downstair and a 'hang-out' room upstairs... I recall it had a mosaic of a Jester on the inside wall, made from small bits of tiles. At one time it competed with Meschia's milkbar.. one attracted 'mods' and one 'rockers'.. The laundrette used to come in handy when it was raining... . great post Nancy... fill my head with memories of my mis-spent youth..

Hydonian said...

Aye, remember them well - wasn't there another one further up called "The Round Table" ,too? We need photos of Meschias ,The Jester ,Fitzies and The Round Table. They would make an excellent nostalgic post! :D

Tom said...

I'd forgot about the Round Table... I think at one time it was owned by the landlady of the Church Inn... she also had flats dotted about Hyde.. That must have been 1972-74..
It would be excellent if we could get some pictures of the ones you have mentioned Nancy.. There must be pictures out there....

downsie21 said...

Going back even further in time the shop next to the Cheshire Cheese was Harry Dawson's sports shop.
Who remembers "Vimto's" the Temperance Bar in the corner which is now Cloves Indian Restaurant?

Tom said...

Hi Eric
I am not sure if I recall it being called Vimto's... in the very early 1970s we knew it as Fitzpatrick's Sarsaparilla shop, Mr Fitzpatrick was a comical chap.. he always found it funny when we turned our noses up to a glass of 'Blood Tonic'which he told us contained 'stinging nettles' and ox blood... freshly bled from his own bulls out in the back.. ha! Sarsaparilla was my favourite drink... I still get it in cordial form... it is quite nice hot... just like a hot vimto is... Mr. Fitzpatrick also did the very best Dandelion & Burdock I have ever tasted. I'm sure if pubs had sold this when I started going in them I would have got in a lot less trouble when younger... ha!
I seem to recall either the same shop or the one next door being a 'junk shop'.. now I'm going to be thinking about this all day.

Werneth Low said...

The Jester was on this row in the late 50s/60s and a favourite hangout for me as a teenager of the time. The toy shop was Leigh's and Dawson's Sports Shop was where I got my first tennis racquet. Either next door to the Cheese or next door but one was Bentley's who sold clothes for posh kids and I got my Astley Grammar uniform there. From the corner of Edna Street, the 2nd shop down [next to the confectioners] was a ladies hairdressers owned by Gladys Whitehead [nee Robinson].

Tom said...

Werneth Low: thank you for this info.. great to see shop names being mentioned.. Comment such as these are worth more than the pictures.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to locate a Margaret Redfern,
address in 1957-8-9 was 8 Edna St, Hyde Cheshire.
We were Girl Scout pen-pals, lost touch and now trying to locate her, thanks, Jean

Tom said...

Hi Jean
I hope you get a response from your lost friend..

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,Dave,Paul and Tom

Dawson`s sports shop in market street. I`am right in saying that it was owned by A John Bennett and his wife Martha nee Turner. 134 market street. In late 1800s early 1900s.

Thank you