Harry Rutherford's
Festival of Britain Mural

Monday, 2 August 2010

Norbury Street and Helen Street

We've decided to try to find photos of all streets that have ceased to be in Hyde.
First ones in this series are Norbury Street and Helen Street.

Norbury Street
Norbury Street.

Clarendon Shopping Centre was built over Norbury Street and it still basically runs its course through there.

norbury helen foundry
A map from 1897 showing the streets' formation.

Helen Street
Helen Street.

Helen Street has disappeared forever.


Notice the street lamp on the Market Square..


You can see the corner of Helen Street here.. Hyde Cafe was on the corner... notice the street lamp again on the Market Square.


Tom said...

My mum lived on Norbury Street, I'm sure I have a ration book with the address on somewhere.

Hydonian said...

My Dad was born on and lived on Thomas Street for years so be ready for some photos of that! :)
Great additions by the way,Tom

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Someone emailed me a while back asking where Norbury Street was - I didn't know - can't seem to find their email now though.

ian... said...

Great post!

Nice to see the streetlamp making an appearance Tom - I remember you mentioning it cropping up in a few photos, alongside Harry Rutherfords painting.

Nancy, re-reply on an earlier post, add me to any campaign to bring back the old streetnames lol.

Related to this theme, but maybe doable with some of the other photos - have you considered creating a Google Map? You could put map-pins in on locations with links to the matching posts.

Tom said...

Have you done any of this Google Mapping? it sounds very interesting...
Did the chap keep in touch who's relatives had something to do with St. Georges Boating club? if so send him a link for us would you... he might be interested in other stuff from Hyde as well.

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

I think the boating club chap wanted paying for his reminiscences.

Tom said...

What a shame..... I never got that impression or I would not have sent him your way ...

Anonymous said...

My Mother was born on 13 Norbury Street Number 1918 Barry

Tom said...

Cheers Barry and wecome to the blog... I hope you enjoyed your visit.. and thanks for commenting .

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom
this is a great site takes me back abit I was born spring Street Hyde off Mottram Rd down Lewis Street where the tram shed used to be,I remember the rail tracks going into the sheds but never saw any trams, Harry Wood wholesale greengrocers used the buildings. great days.
keep up this great site Tom Regards Barry

Tom said...

Hi again Barry..
The blog is a joint effort by myself and Nancy... I'm from Newton now, but was born on the Cheetham Fold estate in 1958.. Nancy lives in Gee Cross. It as worked out great as we both have family and friends to help out with storys and memories... we depend on what books we can get hold of... and memories from poeple, we have been lucky hat after people see and read what we are doing they send us pictures, cuttings from papers and such like. Then it's up to Nancy or myself to make a post out of it.. we tend to do our own things and it seems to be working very well...
Thanks for the nice comments you have left feel free to join in any time Barry..

Anonymous said...

Its great seeing Hyde Cafe it was owned by my Great Grannie Brown. We have good family memories there.