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Monday, 30 August 2010

Norths from another angle.

Slack Mill, or Norths as it was later to become, covered a huge area from Market Street to Lumn Road and from Smithy Lane to Nelson Street. The only pictures of it that you ever really get to see nowadays are the ones of the front of the building with the large red brick tower.
Here are a few taken from Queen Street.

This one is looking towards the bridge that joined the Lumn Road site to the Douglas Street site. This is taken after the houses on the "Rec" or recreational ground side were demolished.

This one is taken from Queen Street looking at the back of the largest building that fronted Market Street. You can see where new bits of building work were done as the company expanded.

Looking into the goods yard at the back of the main site from Queen Street.

I had the good fortune to grow up in this area. My Nan lived in one of the houses that belonged to the Mill. You can see the gable end of the house to the right of the picture. It was joined to the yard and as children we could play in all the boxes and glove offcuts in the storage areas. It worked well . We didnt bother the workers and they didnt bother us. We used to wander all over the site without any problems. It just wouldn't be allowed in this PC day and age but was a veritible wonderland to us kids. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.


Ex Hydeonian said...

My Maternal Grandmother was somehow related to the North family so I always used to say that it was my Grans family factory. (Never let the truth get in the way of a good story is my motto). I vividly remember when walking back from my other Grans on Dowson Road, that we used to pass under the bridge on Queen Street, and on warm days, they had the windows open and you could see the people at work inside. I also remember the smell of the place....not at all unpleasant actually.

Hydonian said...

I know what you mean about the smell - it was slightly sweet plasticky smell (If that even exists) - Even now I am transported back if I smell anything like it. Remember the large windows and window sills that used to be on Queen Street? I remember seeing the workers through those - It was always my ambition to be able to climb onto the highest sill - as I was only small this seemed remote .I'm happy to say that one day I DID achieve this only to be caught by the headmaster from Leigh Street Juniors (Mr Senior) who promptly stopped his car and told me off! Ahhh...memories!

Hydonian said...

Edit: The three big windows were on Lumn Road - not Queen Street.

Tom said...

I to recall the smell.. and like you two I found it not unpleasent.. but then when you think of of Smiths Bone Yard.. and the Printworks.. North's was like a breath of fresh air... ha!.. I like the two bottom shots here.. would make a great subject for a pencil drawing..

JohnR said...

I have fond memorys too of this place my Dad worked there and on saturday morning I used to go there to help ( more like make a nusance) but my Dad used to let me sit in the dryer and spin it then give me my spends Also Charlie Rothwell used to some times give me a couple of bob for "helping" ha ha...