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Friday, 13 August 2010

Hyde In War Time 1914-16 (Pages19-20

Enrolment of Special Constables.
Within a couple of months or so of the outbreak of war about a dozen members of the Hyde Borough Police Force had left the town and entered upon military duties. At that time a few special constables in uniform were engaged to take their places, and for several months special attention had to be paid to local railway bridges, waterworks, etc. After a little while the uniformed specials, who, of course, were paid, were dispensed with, and townsmen al lover the Borough were invited to allow themselves to be enrolled and sworn in as voluntary Special Constables. There was an excellent response, and their services began to be utilised early in May 1915. In, April, 1916, the total number “Specials" in the town easily exceeded 250, and they were giving three hours per week each on police duty, in the evenings. Appended is a list of the townsmen who have acted in this capacity. They are divided into sections, each section having a patrol leader.
PATROL No.1. - Mr. C. H. Brogden, Leader; Messrs. F. Shenton, J. Oldham, T. F. Blakemore, W. Shaw, H. Norgrove, S. Shepley, W. H. Hamer, W. H. Middleton, R. S. Anthony, A. Hodson, A. Heron. J. Handforth, and A. Kay.

PATROL No.2. - Mr. G. F. Wild, Leader; Messrs, C. Lisle, R. Winterbotham, F. Torkington, E. Hopwood, G. R. Hadfield W. Kenyon, G. Sidebottom, H. Smith, W. Baker, H. V. Hird, G. W. Henstock, P. Robinson, R. Andrew, E. Taylor, and J. Saville.
PATROL No.3. - Mr. J. Dunkerley, Leader; Messrs, A. Bateman, J. Johnson, E. Parker. J. Stainthorpe, E. Pickford, J. W. Quarmby, T. Keyworth. J. W. Jackson. J. W. Shaw and J. Marshall.
PATROL No.4. - Mr. A. Bancroft, Leader; Messrs. W. Dent, J. Rosebottom, G. Hopwood, J. H. Whitehead, F. Clarke, G. H. Oulton, W. Whitehead, H. E. Oldham, F. Whalley, H. Wild, F. Gosling, T. Thompson, J. Cross, C. Bland, and E. Oldham.
PATROL No.5 - E. J. Cobbett, Leader; Messrs. F. E. Wood, T. Molloy, W. Fell, A W. Jennett, E. Edge, J. F. Ibbottson, E. G. Harman, W. Lees, A. Oldham, S. Bardsley, C. Knott, and E. Bickerdyke.
PATROL No.6 - Mr. J. Higginbottom, Leader; Messrs. J. Proctor, J. H. Wild, W. Norgrove, F. Gregory, S. Leigh, J. Chorton, A. Gregory, C. H. Alty, W. Lord, T. Smith, T. Cooper, and J. Oldham.
PATROL No.7. - Mr. Percy Oldham, Leader; Messrs. L. Maiden, T. Magee, J. Morris, C. Lyon, G. Gledhill J. Williamson, A. Firth, H. Cooper, F. Bardsley, L. Brooke, A, E. A. Jympson, and T. B. Dawson.
PATROL No.8. - Mr. B. Garside, Leader; Messrs. H. Wrigley, O. Bardsley, B. Craig. G H. Nicholls, J. Hogg, J. Bowden, J. A. Bardsley, J. Broadbent, E. W. Crossland, A. E, Searle. G. Fox, W. Spiller, T. Cooper, F. Oldham. and A. G. Fox.
PATROL No. 9 - Mr. S. Ashworth, Leader; Messrs. A. E. Slack, J. Beaker. H. Mason. C. Berry, R. North, G. North, W. Oldham, J. Dakin, J. Pinnington, M. Hallas, A, E. Chadwick, W. Stott, J. E. Hopkinson, E. Thornley, and A. W. Mason.
PATROL No.10. - Mr. W. Gledhill, Leader; Messrs. C. E. Moore, J. Chatterton, J. Hunt, E. Lever, J. Hornby, M. Smith, W. Oldham, A, Wright, G. Brian, J.T. Slater, and C. Higginbottom,
PATROL No.11. - Mr. J. Wilding, Leader; Messrs. J. W. Wake, T. Cooper, D. Gratton, B. Hibbert, S. V. Aalten, W. Tudor, J, E. Woodall, C. R. Halton, G. H. Jackson. F. L. Brown, H. Linney, S. Hibbert, and J. Redfern.
PATROL No.12. - Mr. R. Forge, Leader; Messrs. J. McGinty, J. Wakefield, G. Hopwood, R. P. Kitchen, J. E. Andrew, H. Kelsall, G. H. Purssglove. F. Whitworth. J. Oldham W. B. Gregson, G. Leech, A. Boardman, W. Bowker and S. Fielden.
PATROL No. 13. - Mr. A. Barker, Leader; Messrs. W. Ridgeway, J. Nield, A Timperley. S. T. Taylor. S. Whitehead, G. T. Walker, T. Buckley, C. Aldred, P. Barber, J. Wright, and P. Roscoe.
PATROL No.14. - Mr. N. F. Cooke, Leader; Messrs. P. Scholes, J. Hopkinson, R. Sims, J. Lomas, H. Glover. C. Middleton, J. Axon, J. Proctor, A. Gee, A. Townsend, H. Broadbent, S. Coxon, C. Thompson. and J, Wood.
PATROL No. 15. - Mr. G. H. Stafford, Leader; Messrs. J, Dixon, J. Oldham, S. Leigh, L. Mellor, W. Dawson, J. Archer, M. Pleasants, A. Howarth, F. Mottram, J. J Wilde, N. W. Mellor, J, N. Collier, T. Hadfield, and J. Chadwick.
PATROL No. 16 - Councillor S. Fawley, Leader; Messrs. J. H. Stafford, B. Armstrong, A. Fawley, C.C., B. Taylor, C. W. Garlick, C. E. Duxbury, H. Whitehead. T. N. Bedford, E. B, Charnley, G. W. Davidson, C. Beeley, G. Lewis, M. Devlin. J. Vickers. G. W. Sutton, S. Plant, and S. Wood.
PATROL No.17 - Councillor W. Pope, Leader; Messrs. W. Gee, H. Dennerley, T. Whitworth, T. Swindells, S. Etchells, J. Mosedale, H. Fisher, R. Wilkinson, J. Horrocks, D. C. Buttery. W. I. Bowker, J. Sparkes, S. Owens, J. W. Bowden, S. Fisher, and R, Newton,
PATROL No.18. - Mr. A. Slater, Leader; Messrs, I. Slater, J. S. Jackson. J. Gregson, J. Lever, George. F. Higham, J. Swindells, T. Worrall, T. Horrocks, Jas Broadbent, R. Rose, C. T. Billinge, H. Merritt, C. Morris, H. Lees, J. Sandiford, and John Broadbent



Front Row: Messrs. A. Bancroft, P. Scholes, (Cr.) W. Pope, J. W. Danby (Chief Constable), G. F. Wild, (Cr.) S. Fawley, C.H. Brogden, F.A.I..
Middle Row: Messrs. J. Dixon (Inspector), J. Higginbotham, P. Oldham, G. H. Stafford, E. J. Cobbett, J. Wilding, S. Shepley, F.LI. Brown, W. Moore (Inspector.)
Back Row: Messrs. S. Ashworth, N.F. Cooke, A. Barker, H. Wilde, J. Dunkerley, B Garside. Mr. Albert Slater, Leader of Patrol 18, was unavoidably absent.

Photo by A. E. Searle, Hyde.


Tom said...

A long list of names to look through if you happen to be looking for anyone.. but well worth it. Three names caught my eye.
Patrol 7. There's a J. Morris.... any relation Nancy?
Patrol 8. There's A. E. Searle.. anyone from Hyde who as old photo's will recognise the name.. as one of Hyde old time photographers. It's as well for our blog he and others were so so busy.
Patrol 12 The name G. Hopwood shows up there and I wonder if thats one of John's relatives.

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