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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

St George's Parish Magazine

A good friend of ours ,John Hopwood, a regular contributer to this site, has lent us a magazine which I've scanned to show you a slice of Hyde life from the 1920's. Just showing the front cover today - look out for adverts and articles in the future. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. :)

St Georges
St George's Parish Church magazine Feb.1927
Note one of the church wardens lived on Swain Street - now Dowson Road!
The map above shows the Swain Street turned into an old footpath which skirted the hollow.


Tom said...

Fantastic.... these are well worth looking at Nancy... Cheers John for this...

Julie Roberts said...

HI, My name is Julie Roberts and I used to Live on Meadow Street. I've been looking at the map and isn't it part of this area??? I remember walking up Haughton Street to go to schoo. St Georges Primary. Im 40 now so its a long while back but hey happy memories. where was the reservoir. I remember the dirty boiler house on meadow street just outside our house (10). Just asking. Thanks

Tom said...

Hi Julie
Thanks for commenting... I think most of us on here would love to be 40.. ha! I have the same map and it just cuts this area off.. we will try to come up with a better one... you mentioned the reservoir, it seems it was right at the top of Green and Bradbury streets.... right at the back towards the train lines... I dont recall it myself. While we have been researching stuff for here it as surprised me just how many of these small reservoirs they were dotted about Hyde..
I hope you call back again soon, enjoy your time here and feel free to commentand join in.

rachel walker said...

hi just wanted to let everyone know that my great grandfather used to stand on the pole on the tope of this building on his hand!
Believe it or not i just found out.
My great grand fathers name was James Johnson he was a gymniast and peformed in front of Royalty 3 times, and even went to queen victories funeral. Im very happy to know my great grandfather did something different at this great place.

Rachel Walker (australia)

Tom said...

Thanks Rachel...
I will seek out some info and do a post about this remarkable man... whatch out for it soon.

Jenny said...

Mr John Simon, the warden who lived in Swain Road, is my great grandfather. I have photos of him standing by the church when the bells were delivered.