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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Gardeners Arms

You may remember that we reported a couple of months ago that the Gardeners Arms on Lumn Road had closed down. Well, two weeks ago it re-opened it's doors under new management. Lets hope a few more of our lost pubs return in the not so distant future.
Gardeners Arms

They are having groups playing every friday night so here's a bit of shameless advertising for my friends band who will be playing there on the 13th August .
Good Luck Neil and "Timeless"! :)




Tom said...

Great news Nancy.. and well advertised.. ha!

I noticed building work going on in the old Bankfield pub.... got my hopes up in was reopening but alas it seems it is flats or something like that... I've been meaning to do a post of the Bankfield... I must get on to as soon as.

Ex Hydeonian said...

Good luck to the new pub people at the Gardeners, and hope that 'Timeless' pack the place out. Such a shame that pubs are going out of business at such a rate. With regard to the Bankfield Tom, when I was a kid, around 1964 - 1965, my dad was a painter and decorator and he painted the outside of the Bankfield. I distinctly remember him up a ladder at the front. Having said that, I shouldn't have been in the pub at that age.....way too young!