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Monday, 23 August 2010

WW1 Star Medal Pte. G. Andrew


This is on sale now on Ebay... I came across it while looking for some postcards... the seller comes from Skegness . It states this a Genuine full size Star Medal from WW1 1914-15.. and was awarded to 8767 PTE G ANDREW CHESHIRE REGIMENT. It say that Pte. Andrew lived at 69 George Street, Hyde. If you think you know anything about this chap or his relatives it might be worth letting them know it is up for sale... I have looked in the book we are showing but can not find anything about him.. his name will proberly be in Book 2 which we have not got a copy of.
I do find it sad to see medals up for sale, I hope it can find it's way home again.


Hydonian said...

It might be better to put an article in the Advertiser - if time allows! I agree,it's sad when medals are sold like this....unless his family moved to Skegness?

Tom said...

I never thought of that Nancy... then again I think it is to late for this weeks copy as it's proberly already been printed... I know some folks get it Wednesdays..
As for the sale.. sometimes folks don't realise what is going when a relative dies and their stuff is sold on through a house clearance... I know if it was a relative of mine be it a great uncle or what ever... I'd buy it..
I said above I was looking for some postcards.. just of late their price have gone through the roof... starting bids on some are now up to £15.99 on some... I'll be giving them a miss.. ha!

Manchester Lass, Now and Then said...

Very sad, I hope it can be returned to his family. My Dad served in the Cheshire Regiment during the second World War. Hey Tom I also have bought a few postcards from e-bay and I have favourite searches for some areas, like you I cannot believe the price they are asking for some!

Tom said...

If you get the chance to scan any I'll show them on here... we might have them already but you never know .. if theres anything you'd like to see let us know.

Jane said...

My family lived at 69 George Street. Their name was Beswick.

Tom said...

Hi Jane
Thank you for stoping by... I wonder if this was before your family moved there.... do you know when they moved there and how long they lived there? If you have any pictures we could use from any where in Hyde.. or your past relations you can send them to us here at hydonian@gmail.com

Jane said...

Hi Tom Thanks for your message. I think he was a husband of one of my Great Aunts.I know they were there in 1901 & again on the 1911 census. My Great Grandmother Mary Ann Beswick was the head of the household I will check my records. I have some old photos which I will find for you.