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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Cotton Mills Of Hyde


F. W. Ashton and Co, Newton Bank Print Works. Pay day first Wednesday, 10 to 4.


Apethorn Mills Co, Limited, Gee Cross; 40,000 spindles, 4011/601 weft. Pay day first Wednesday in the month, from 10 to 1. Robert Ogden, secretary.
Boy Workers Linnet Mill, Apethorn

Ashton Bro's. & Co, Limited, Carr Field, Bayley Field and Throstle Bank Mills; 114,580 spindles, 12/328 twist, 10115011 weft; 2,200 looms; and at Clough Mill, Hayfield. Manchester warehouse 36, Charlotte street. Pay day first Wednesday.
Ashton Brothers

Barnfield Mill Spinning Co, Limited, Woodend; 23,000 spindles, 5411/561 weft. Pay day first Wed.

Barnfield Mill
Gibraltar Mill Co, Limited, Gibraltar Mill; 28,674 spindles, 481 looms. Pay day first Wednesday. Telegrams, "Gibraltar Company, Hyde." James Pilling, manager; George Lock, secretary.
Gib Mill
Robert Hall and Son (and doublers), Kingston Mills; 75,500 spindles, 91/501 twist and weft; 999 looms, printers, domestics and double warp cloths; Manchester warehouses-25, George st., and 51, Mosley street. Pay day first Wednesday, 9-30 to 1.
Kingston Mill
Hibbert and Aspland, Green Croft Mill; 26,668 mule and 1,480 ring spindles, 141/341 twist,161/421 weft; 541 looms, domestics, shirtings, drills and twills. Pay day first Wednesday.
Greencroft Mill
Hibbert and Nephew, Millwood Mill; 16,700 spindles, 181/461 twist and weft; 270 looms, shirtings and printers. Pay day first Wednesday.
Horsfield and Co, Limited, Greenfield Mills; 26,000 spindles, 301 twist and weft; 451 looms, shirtings. Pay day first Wednesday. Richard Breerton, secretary.
Greenfield Mill - Middle of Picture
George Schofield and Co, Long Meadow Mill; 27,000 spindles, 241,/501, twist and weft. Pay day second Wednesday, 10 to 12.
Bare foot workers at Slack Mills
Slack Mills Co, Limited, Hyde lane; 58,892 spindles, 88/408 twist, 108/501, weft; 1,200 looms, domestics, shirting’s, sheeting’s, drills, printers and oatmeal. cloths, and at High Bank Mill, Godley. Pay day first Wednesday.

The above picture was thought to be Slack Mills, but that was my mistake..  looks very similar, but it turned out to be a different mill from another northen cotton town. Paul as found this mill and the town it is in... but we have both forgot where... once we do I will update this.. in the mean time I will leave the picture here and when a more suitable picture is found this will be removed along with this. I am sorry for any confusion caused.  Tom  

Robert Walker and Sons, Ltd, Providence Mill; 40,900 spindles, 208/408 ring and mule twist, 3081508 weft. Pay day first Wednesday. Telegrams, "Walker Sons, Hyde."

Bucliley and Lees, High Street Mills; 18,000 spindles, 30'/508 twist; and at Spring Mill, Roaches, Mosley. Pay day second Wednesday.
Slack Mills Co, Limited, 1. High Bank Mill, Godley. 7,388 spindles, 308/328 weft; and at Hyde lane, Hyde. Pay day first Wednesday.

James and John Ashton, of Newton Moor, Hyde and Lees Street, Mills; 1,200 /looms, printers and shirtings. Pay day first Wed., 10 to 12-30. John H. Ratcliffe, Johnson Brook Mill; 5,712 spindles, 12'/708 twist; and at Kinderlee ice, Charlesworth. of Newton Moor, Hyde
Shaw Hall Workers
Shaw Hall Cotton Spinning Co, Limited; of Newton Moor, Hyde. 28,692 spindles 33' twist, 36' weft. Pay day first Wed, 10 to 12.
After a hard shift in the mill the local Spinners and other workers would make use of the many pubs to quench their thirsts... and I suppose there was none as welcome to them as the one below.
The Spinners Arms, George Street.


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Alexandra Smith said...

My granddad was Norman Arthur Owen who worked as a foreman (I think) at Ashton Brothers in Hyde. My Grandma, Edith Martha Francisca (nee Nolte), also worked there and my Dad, Richard Stuart, was an apprentice there. When Courthaulds bought the company, Norman became General Manager at the new mill in LillyHall, Workington. I have some photos but they are at my Mum's house (not near me) so it may be a few months before I get to scan them in for you. If there are a group of people on the photo then are you allowed to publish them still as I don't know who most of them are so can't ask permission? If anyone knew any of my above mentioned relatives then please let me know. Alexandra

Alexandra Smith said...

This is Arthur Owen as mentioned https://www.flickr.com/photos/90669427@N03/8700690493/in/photostream/

Hyde Lad said...

The 10th photograph showing as Slack Mills has definately proved not to be Slack Mills. The location was found, but have now forgotten exactly where, will look into and post later when found.

Tom said...

Hyde Lad in correct, the picture in the above post is 'NOT' Slack Mills as we first thought it was... very similar but it is another mill inanother mill town.
I have left the picture in the post andhave made it known itis not the mill.. It will be replaced hopefully in the near future when a suitable picture is found.

Tom, Paul.