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Friday, 20 August 2010

Looking up Stockport Road.


This is the view looking up Stockport Road at the junction with Knight Street circa 1910. The shop on the corner was at one point owned by a Mr Charles Lyons. It stood there until the mid 1970's when it was turned into a house. My Friend lived there and they still had the original signs for the shop in the cellar! I wonder what happened to them! There also used to be a Newsagents , a wool shop and a DIY type shop further up the row. Such a shame the shops closed down as a bit of the community disappeared with them.
On Tithe maps of 1836-51 this particular piece of land was owned by Edward Hyde Clarke.


Not changed a great deal in this 2010 photo. The shop / house is now flats. The garden wall on the right of the 1910 picture was the wall to Silver Hill House. This wall is gone but there is a house called Silver hill still standing. This was a Nursery for many years.The shop further up on the left ,which was Hursts Newsagents for approximately 20 years, is now in the process of being changed back into a "paper shop" after being closed for a couple of years.... and not before time either! There is a Hairdressers next door,also.
I have to say it looks nicer on the 1910 picture with the cobbled streets - tarmac isn't quite the same :)


Tom said...

Great pictures both Nancy... I remember Hurst as I courted their daugther many many years ago... I once went to have a Ballroom dancing lesson with her at Redferns social club... most embarrassing.. an old lady took me under her wing and told me to do what she did and I'd be alright... I did but unfortunately for me I curtsied like she did... everyone laughed.. ha!.. You will have to show Sykes Street Nancy.. there's folk who have lived in Hyde all they lifes and not realised that street was there.. I also like the back of these shops it reminds me of a court yard.. all the houses backing on to it... Great posting.. a I agree about the look of the cobbles...

ceecee said...

I remember the shop on the corner of Stockport Rd, / Knight Street as being Griffiths out door license, that would be in the 50s. I had to go evert other day to get my Grandma's milk stout (Mackeson) her night - cap.

Werneth Low said...

Just discovered this - better late than never! I remember the shop as Griffiths, the grocer and off-licence. The newsagents further up was McGowans when I was young and apparently Mr McGowan was the Jimmy Saville of his day - little girls went in there at their peril if he was alone in the shop! He ended up taking his own life and his wife later married Jim Fairbrother, the ambulance man, from Smithy Fold. The DIY shop mentioned used to be Dain's wallpaper shop. Mr Dain lived further up Stockport Road in the last house before Martin's farm. He was also the Esso Blue dealer (paraffin). I also remember the Barton family from Sykes Street - there were 3 boys, John, James and Peter. Peter was in my class at Holy Trinity - always in trouble!