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Monday, 9 August 2010

St. Mary's Church, Newton.

Parish Magazine 1948

My friend Jack Cheetham called around the other day, to pick up a book and some pictures he'd left for me to scan. Anyhow over a cup of tea he was telling me storys and memories of Hyde and Newton. It's always a pleasure to have Jack call around.... before he left he pulled out a little booklet concerning St. Mary's Church, it's dated September 1948... Jack as been a member of this church as long as I've known him.... and I know it means a lot to him. Anyhow he asked if the booklet was of use to me for the blog... I had a quick flick through the few pages and told him it was perfect.. the cover below is worth showing for the date and price alone... but the adverts inside... which there are many of are well worth showing in future posts.. so watch out for them coming up soon.


Why we find this of interest... the date 1948, and the price being threepence (3d), the names, and the phone number. HYD 448... and thats what you had to dial then. Also of interest is right at the bottom of the page... J. Andrew & Co. Ltd., "Herald-Reporter," Hyde.

Anything printed like this is just the thing we need to turn up and look at... there must be such stuff at the back of draws going unnoticed... anything like this is of interest for the Social History it hold.

St. Mary's Church


The parish church of St. Mary's, Newton, was built in 1839, chiefly through the munificence of the Ashtons of Newton. It is a neat edifice in the Norman style, consisting of nave and chancel, the latter having been enlarged since the original building. The first vicar was the Rev. G. W. Bowers, who held the post about 40 years..

From The History Of Hyde

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