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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Spout House Farm

Before the construction of Dowson Road in the early 1920's and the subsequent housing development which occured along Knott Lane , the land to the west of Hyde Chapel was attached to Spout House Farm.

spout house map
Tithe Map 1836-51

In 1712 the building was occupied By Robert Ashton. Later tenants included Joseph Redfern in 1816 who was a shopkeeper and Amy Redfern in 1850 ,a Corn dealer.

It seems ,according to the baptism register at Hyde Gee Cross Unitarian Chapel, that Blind Jack of Knarsborough's first daughter Tabitha, who had married a Cheshire cotton manufacturer, lived at Spout House farm. This is also confirmed by the Werneth Land Tax records.
(Grateful thanks to Gay J Oliver for her invaluble information on "Blind Jack of Knaresborough")

(John Metcalfe 1717-1810, otherwise known as Blind Jack of Knaresborough was a famous road building pioneer, pre-dating Telford and Macadam.)....but that's another blog :)

spout house farm
Photo Courtesy G J Oliver.

This building is still in existence and is located between Enfield Street and Tatton Street,Gee Cross

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Tom said...

Thank for the picture and info Gay.. This building must have many stories to tell... I have read quite a bit about Blind Jack of Knaresborough... what a chap he was.... I've a picture of a statue of him sat on a bench... similar to the one at Mottram of L.S. Lowry.. Great looking map as well Nancy.