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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Help Needed Concerning Hyde Brewers


One of our blog readers has got in touch about the above jug... as anyone any information on "The Eclipse Brewery" Mottram Road Hyde.. any snippet is of use here..


This tray caught my eye a week or so ago on Ebay... "Andrew & Atkinsons" Mottram Road.. Update- Andrew & Atkinsons established the bottling of Mineral Waters in 1868.



This is another Jug, and again this was resently for sale of Ebay... "J. Rowbottom & Sons" Reliance Drinks, Henry Street Hyde.

I was once doing a spot of Community Work just off Halton Street.. on the left as you are heading towards the juction with Mottram Road... we were clearing the stream of rubbish... the stream and banking was full of such jugs, and smaller bottles.. most of which were smashed... but one or two were intact... I cannot recall the names on them.... I was also looking on an old map and it showed a large building at the bottom of Henry street, just before Onward Street at the back of the picture-house.... I cannot think of any other place on Henry Street where such a place could have been... so if any of you know anything else about these or other brewers please get in touch... by commenting below or by email if prefered.. Thankyou

One more thing about these jugs... I can't be the only one who used to have these as hotwater bottles can I... we had quite a few around the house when I was small.. but the names escape me.


Hydonian said...

My Dad seems to recall a small factory/brewery on Taylor St at the side of the Bankfield or roundabout there some place. Could be that as the bankfield is on Mottram Road.
Yes, Tom ,we too had the sarsaspirella pots as hot water bottles and very nice they were too! ha!

Tom said...

Mine started to leak..... well thats what I told my mum...LOL

Anonymous said...

I used to work for Eclipse brewery in the early sixty's,when school holidays and after school I helped to make the sasparella, ginger beer, etc bottled into stone jars, then I had to climb onto the wooden vats to clean them out, this was street behind clarendon road next door was harry woods place where they stored banannas, also worked at the mottram rd near the Bankfield Pub where we bottled the double aa pop, three brothers owned these works, Eric Thompson,Dick Thompson and Jack thompson they were great people and looked after all, one night delivering pop was when President Kennedy was shot on November 22nd 1963.hope this helps Barry

Tom said...

Barry thats fantastic information... I'll sort out a map for the person who asked about the Eclipse brewery I'm sure she will find this helpful.. Thanks for taking the time to comment... if you have anything you think might be of interest for others please feel free to get in touch with us here...

Anonymous said...

iv have an eclipse brewery bottel with the number 57 on it and i am woundering if any 1 knows the value of them if any 1 has any idea please message me at steedostee123@hotmail.co.uk or facebook me at www.facebook.com/daleantonysteeden tahnk you

Chris Han said...

If I remember rightly , there was a brewery located on Cheapside (where Morrison's now stands). I'm sure my father has one of their bottles with the name on it, I will chase it up.

ian... said...

Tom, I tried phoning you yesterday. I've borrowed a book on local brewers from Hyde Library which has some useful info inside for you. Only the bigger local brewers I'm afraid - but then the one on Cheapside is in there!

jochadwick said...

Hi There, I have three of these bottles found in the cellar of our house when we moved in. Just like the ones in the photo's and another one with 'herbal drinks for health' on the front. They are lovely stone pots. I'm selling mine now as we are downsizing and have no storage so if anyone wants to buy you can contact me at jo.chadwick11@gmail.com
Thanks all, v. interesting reading!

Grahame said...

J Rowbottom & Sons Brewery was situated Henry Street, just before Perrin Street. Jess andhis wife Rose and son Sid liveded in the adjacent House on Perrin Street which is now the Drving Test Centre.
I worked for them in the 1950 as a Saturday delivery boy, and took their boxer dog for walks on Fawley's field nearby.
They made the best Dandelion and Burdock ans Sarsaparilla in the area!
Would love top acquire one of their stone jars if anyone has one...

Anonymous said...

Hi Grahame,
I've just seen your post from 3 years ago ... I have one if you're still looking !