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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Lumn Road Grass Triangle

Lumn Road Grass Triangle in the 1980's. I've always thought it such a pretty row, especially when the cherry trees are in blossom!

Lumn Road
In 2010. I'm happy to report that this hasn't changed too much. I notice the loss of one tree and that's not bad considering they were taken nearly 25 years apart.


Tom said...

I wonder how old that terrace is Nancy, and if the road, or an old track once ran past it before the bottom section of the Lumn Road was built.

Tom said...

On the Cheshire "Tilth Map" 1836-51 it shows the bottom end of Lumn Road as Acre Street.. it give a great view of just how much the whole of Hyde as changed..

Hydonian said...

At the end of the row ,to the right hand side, there is a small grassed area. This used to be more cottages and this is where Duncan was born!

Tom said...

Give the old chap my regards Nancy... I must get up to the Sheps and have drink with him..

Ex Hydeonian said...

Ah my old stomping ground....I have made many a phone call from that telephone box. I remember when it was one of the old phone boxes, royal mail red, with the old phone with A B and C buttons....can't remember what they were for! Mum used to see me across Lumn Road here on my way to Leigh Street School....which was really embarrassing as I was 19 at the time! The row of cottages that used to be at the right of the photo were pulled down many years ago....I vaguely remember one of my friends Grandma living in them, but they did what happened a lot in Hyde around the mid seventies, they pulled them down and made a small patch of grass. Chapman’s fish and chip shop was near there which used to be really good, prior to the Chinese chippy of today. I remember that Mr Chapman had a white Mustang convertible which he used to park next to the shop. I have finished now!

Tom said...

Nick Hopkinson messaged me on facebook last night and said the pictures brought back memories. I've copied and pasted his comment below.
"After finishing my o-levels I worked in the two houses on the left of the picture for Horace Greenhaugh ? He was a friend of my dads/contractor. We ripped those old cottages apart. My mum brought me the o-level results/envelope to that job site. Think Horace had a shop at the junc of Mottram Rd & Lumb Rd. He had the worst sssstuttteeerrr I have ever heard! Happy memories!"

Cheers Nick...

Gerald (SK14) said...

Have just posted a new view four years on Hyde DP Xtra.